NC Keno Games

NC Keno Games

Keno is undoubtedly one of the most popular games all over the world in and outside casinos. This interesting game owes its origin to the ancient Han dynasty in China about 2,000 years ago. However, the term keno belongs to Latin or French.

Regardless of its origins, keno is popular globally because of its accessibility and ease of playing. In addition, keno is also a very profitable game for operators and casino owners, which fuels the interest in the game.

In the American continent, the transcontinental railway workers brought keno along with their service in the 1800s. Let’s look at how keno and gambling generally began their journey in the Old North State of Carolina.

History of gambling in North Carolina

Gambling and North Carolina have had a rather torrid affair because the state falls under the Bible Belt culture. The gambling laws in NC have been in place as early as 1749, making it one of the first states to do so.

Because of such tight legislation, North Carolina has only a few legal forms of gambling. However, the year 2006 in C saw some gambling changes bringing joy to the gambling lovers in the state.

These include NC’s lottery, beach bingo, a handful of Native American casinos, and charity raffles and bingo. Sweepstakes and greyhound racing are also legal in the state.

The lottery category is where keno comes in. North Carolina Keno is an extremely popular game that has expanded to several locations in the state. We will talk about keno NC in just a bit.

In addition, the North Carolina Educational Lottery is also one of the most popular and legal forms of gambling in the state. Under this one, you will find multijurisdictional games and scratch cards. However, a huge chunk of the money from the educational lottery goes to the field of education and lottery prizes.

The popularity of lottery games in NC is a relatively new phenomenon as the law came into force only in 2006. However, the NC education lottery sales made more than $3 billion in 2020, an impressive figure that has increased interest in it.

Local keno options

Despite the tight laws, North Carolina keno or keno NC is extremely popular with the residents of the state. It is a relatively new lottery game in the state as it only arrived in late 2017. These newer styles are available at online sites with 247 entertainment.

Nevertheless, keno NC has become a favorite of thousands of residents because it is a fast-paced game with drawing after every four minutes. Tickets for NC keno are also very reasonable, starting as low as $1, so there is a ticket for everyone. In addition, keno NC prizes are extremely attractive, with jackpots up to $1 million, making it irresistible to play.

Because it is a social game, it is widely available in bars, restaurants, convenience stores, bowling alleys, and more. In fact, NC keno is available in more than 7,000 locations across the state. You will also find keno tickets with regular ticket retailers across the state.

Online keno games for US players

Outside of North Carolina, other US players have a lot of options for online keno. At the core, keno is a straightforward lotto game, but there are several variations offered at online casinos. These keno variations include:

  • Power keno: This keno game has a 4x winning multiplier that makes it a favorite of many players. Power keno is also played with multiple cards making it all the more interesting.
  • Super ball keno: Super ball keno is played a bit differently than regular keno and also has a higher multiplier.
  • Combination keno: Also known as combination ticket, you have different ways of merging your group of numbers in this keno game.
  • Video keno: Similar to a slot game, video keno is primarily a single-player game that is a favorite of many players.
  • Online keno: As the name suggests, online keno is played on the online platform, usually on a desktop, but keno apps for smartphones are also available. Online keno also has a faster pace since there is no waiting time between the draws.

Some casinos also offer keno games based on their themes, such as Cavemen keno and Cleopatra keno and bets also come in several types that include odd/even bets, top/bottom bets, straight bets, and combination bets.


Although North Carolina has a strict handle on gambling laws, the state’s education lottery is a big hit among the players. In addition, North Carolina Keno is an extremely popular game that has the players hyped for fun and attractive winning amounts.